Mr White Rock

The above video in HD with over 41,000 frames and 1.9 GB in size was created by Ric Wallace of Virtual Edge Communications.

Mr White Rock And The White Rock Beach Goodwill Ambassadors

White Rock, BC – Artist Walk participant and self-proclaimed “ARTographer” Ric Wallace can be seen frequently at his outdoor gallery this summer, weather and time permitting, along the White Rock Beach waterfront just west of the museum. His unending promotion of White Rock through his more than 80 postcards, greeting cards, magnets, and online using led to fellow artist Gary Nay dubbing him “Mr. White Rock.” While others have jokingly referred to Ric this way, Gary noticed that most of the search engine results for White Rock Beach were tied to Ric’s online presence, and with the domain available, in just a few clicks of the mouse, Wallace snapped up the domain and clinched the title. (The title of Mr White Rock was not bestowed by the city; it was simply achieved by registering a domain.)


It’s not just his own ideas he pushes; Ric also likes to promote other White Rock businesses and people, as well as his fellow Artist Walk colleagues on his own website. While some question why a photographer would promote his competition, Ric realizes that doing so takes nothing away from his own personal efforts, but might just help another achieve some degree of additional success. Fellow artist Gary Nay and two local waterfront musicians, for example, were recently featured in separate segments on go! West Coast TV on Shaw TV thanks to a tip provided by Wallace.

Ric and his White Rock Beach postcards, greeting cards and magnets were as featured on go! Vancouver (Shaw TV) July 15, 2014 and on the Discovery Family Channel (USA) in May 2015. Ric has also put a couple of local authors and artists in touch with retailers he personally deals with who might be interested in carrying their work.

Wallace’s passion for his newly adopted home also shows in his creation of the White Rock Beach Goodwill Ambassador program. He photographs White Rock Beach visitors holding his White Rock postcards and then displays these images in a gallery on his website. He also asks people to share White Rock by taking the postcards with them on their travels. His own dentist, Dr John Rogers of White Rock Dental Centre, has done just that, spreading White Rock goodwill in visits to Kenya and Japan, with people from these countries displayed on the website holding the postcards. If people don’t have the money for travel, they can still share White Rock by mailing the postcards to friends and family. People around the world who receive our postcards or greeting cards are encouraged to send a photo of them holding our products, and we will add to our online gallery.


While Ric tries to spend as many pleasant days as possible at his outdoor gallery.



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